Our Business

Specialized Asset Management and Financial Consulting Services

Goal Driven

TAO Asset is a pre-eminent firm committed to helping its clients – corporations, partnerships, institutions and governments – achieve their strategic and financial goals in the area of structured finance. TAO provides clients with superior, trustworthy advice and innovative solutions to complex structured finance problems.

Focused on the Client

TAO Asset is committed to expanding and enhancing relationships with its partners and clients. Having brought many first-time originators to the securitization market, the TAO Asset team has a full appreciation for the concerns of originators. Furthermore, TAO Asset is able to provide the guidance necessary to make novice securitization originators feel comfortable with complicated transaction processes.  Thus, transactions are conducted smoother, faster, with a high degree of client confidence and transparency.

Experts in the Field

The senior management of TAO Asset each have decades of relevant business experience in all aspects of securitization and related risk management throughout business cycles, and are recognized for their creativity in developing unique structures in the securitization and structured finance industry. TAO Asset has the expertise to structure and execute various types of securitization programs with different degrees of complexities.