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There has been much consternation about the small number of leaders’ debates in the run-up to next week’s federal election.  There were only two that included all six of the Party leaders, one in French and one in English.  While there had been only two that included all party leaders in 2015, there had been a total of five that included the leaders of the three major parties.  Many were and are incensed at the paucity of opportunities to see the leaders debating head-to-head this time around. They needn’t be.  I watched both debates.  They were awful.  They were disappointing.    […]

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It is impossible to create or maintain a democratic nation in which the citizenry differs fundamentally on more issues than those upon which they agree.  Indeed, that is the very nature of nation-building; constructing constitutions that delineate the fundamental principles by and upon which all are willing to abide if not actually agree, and by which all agree to consent to the assertion of political authority over their affairs. However, the expression of common purpose and principle upon which nations are formed are always challenged by the polar and often tribal nature of the democratic process. The basis of divergence […]

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  The 21st century will belong to China.  Demographics tell us that, and so have most economic analysts.  China itself has been boldly stating its intention to be the leading nation in technology development, capital markets and global trade.  And before recent slumps in Chinese GDP growth, it sure looked like that was an easy call.  But 2019 has not been kind to the forecast of the rapid and inevitable rise of China to global leadership, and it all comes down to some longstanding and intractable contradictions. Contradiction #1:  China wants to be the leading supplier of hardware to facilitate […]

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