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It’s Still All About U.S. Housing “Reflation”

Written by Albert Ottoni I am often dumbfounded that so-called astute economists and business media reporters still drink the U.S. Fed “guidance” cool-aid about what is still driving monetary policy decisions post crisis, as well as the jawboning ways that they in the FOMC manipulate policy perceptions under a guise of “increased transparency.” As David Stockman recently noted, one of the most deplorable aspects of Greenspan’s and Bernanke’s monetary central planning was the lame proposition that financial bubbles somehow can’t be detected, and that “the job of central banks is to wait until they crash and then flood the market […]

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LenderLive: When will private-label securitization return?

The big question going around ABS Vegas It’s the $100 billion question: When and what will it take for private-label securitization to return in a meaningful way? By my count, this question was the subject of at least four separate panels here at ABS Vegas over the past two days and countless hallway and cocktail party discussions. Most of the panelists and attendees I encountered seemed to be optimistic that private-label issuance will grow and become more diverse in 2015. But none were willing to predict when it would hit the triple-digit level again. (In fact, one panel which had […]

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