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The whole world is mourning the death of 176 passengers, including 57 Canadians, aboard Ukranian Air Flight 752 that crashed just after takeoff from Tehran on January 8th.  Late last week it appeared that the story would command the world’s attention for some time as it transitioned from one of identifying and grieving the dead to addressing the initially unknown but highly suspicious cause of the disaster. But three days later, in a dramatic turnaround, the Iranian government admitted to what was increasingly obvious to all; the aircraft was downed by surface-to-air missiles fired by its own Revolutionary Guard when […]

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Formal education is a funny thing.  When you are young, a good education seems extraordinarily important, admittedly to no small extent because everyone tells you that.  But it also seems important in and of itself at the time because it is during the formal part of your education that you are learning in a very deliberate fashion, complete with exams and grading to tell you how well or badly you are doing at it.  You are learning for the sake of learning, and you and others are measuring your progress. Once you have demonstrated enough capability in your selected field […]

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“There was no quid pro quo!  Read the transcript!” So declares the Orange Eminence, with indignant nods from his apologists.  Of course, even that defence ignores the reality that no one has yet seen a true transcript of the July 25th call between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but it should not surprise anyone if an actual transcript did not include any explicit “quid pro quo” proposition.  The most damaging corruption is rarely if ever so blatant.  It is almost always insidious to the point of banality.  I doubt that even Harvey Weinstein ever explicitly promised a specific […]

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