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Mapping the World’s Prices 2014 – Deutsche Bank Report

One of my favorite research reports is the Deutsche Bank annual survey of global prices relative to the U.S.  . Just like the previous editions, it is a comprehensive overview of prices and price indices of a wide array of goods and services from around the world.  In order to ensure that prices in USD are comparable across countries, they do a great job of using products that are standard across countries or have close substitutes. As in previous years, Australia is overall the most expensive major economy while the United States is still generally one of the cheapest developed […]

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Zero Hedge on the Death of Equity Hedge Funds

Details Created on Saturday, 10 May 2014 15:24 Written by Albert Ottoni Zero Hedge presented a very compelling analysis on Friday showing the weaker recent performances of global hedge-fund managers.  There are some statistical biases in the data, but nevertheless, they are worth noting on an aggregate scale. I like Tyler Durden’s opening to the data presented, “There’s “hedged” funds and then there’s this”… Zero hedge makes a compelling case that Equity Hedge fund managers have simply become a high cost version of their index-tracking ETF brethren… And performance advantages have dwindled… as style tilts (growth vs value for instance) […]

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It’s Still All About U.S. Housing “Reflation”

Written by Albert Ottoni I am often dumbfounded that so-called astute economists and business media reporters still drink the U.S. Fed “guidance” cool-aid about what is still driving monetary policy decisions post crisis, as well as the jawboning ways that they in the FOMC manipulate policy perceptions under a guise of “increased transparency.” As David Stockman recently noted, one of the most deplorable aspects of Greenspan’s and Bernanke’s monetary central planning was the lame proposition that financial bubbles somehow can’t be detected, and that “the job of central banks is to wait until they crash and then flood the market […]

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