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An Instant Epic

I was lucky enough to be among the 50,000 faithful at the Rogers Centre who witnessed Wednesday’s ALDS final game between the Rangers and the Blue Jays, a game that has already been unanimously dubbed “an instant classic”.  As dramatic and improbable as Wednesday’s game was, it is really just the apex of an epic season that can only be punctuated but not negated by the outcome of the ALCS and/or the World Series. The sense of a looming epic was apparent from the outset of the season (after all, spring training saw the return to Canada of prodigal son […]

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Hearts and Minds

September 2015 has provided a particularly intense reminder to many Torontonians of the power of images.  We had only begun to confront the collective call to action that resounded from the heartbreaking photo of Alan Kurdi’s body face down on a Turkish beach when our downtown core was turned over to the 40th Annual Toronto International Film Festival.  Though admittedly not as compelling as that already iconic still photo, the fare on offer from the skilled filmmakers presenting at TIFF provide their own array of clarion calls.  Having only partaken of a small subset of the films on offer, my […]

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Good Things Come From Threes

If the polls are to be believed, there is one certainty about the outcome of the upcoming Canadian federal election that is critical to the health of the body politic: all three of the large national parties will enjoy a healthy backing of the electorate in terms of both popular vote and elected seats. Canada’s periodically tenuous three party system will not only survive, but be demonstrably stable. Why is this so important? Because it maintains the viability of the political centre, from which effective public policy can not only emerge but also find broad acceptance among Canadians. That is […]

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