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A couple of years ago, my wife and I spent a week visiting Washington.  It was a beautiful Fall week, and we took in all of the sights – the White House, the Capitol, the National Mall, all the Memorials and as much of the Smithsonian as we could cram into our visit.  We dug deeply and broadly, and had a great holiday that was relaxing, educational and inspiring. It was that last aspect of the experience that was most surprising and noteworthy.  As Canadians, we tend to be very cynical about the mythology of America.  We are right in […]

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The Relevance Of Christmas

As some of you may be aware, TAO’s Mission Statement is to assemble and maintain the knowledge, skills and experience that will allow us to develop and pursue a strategy that optimizes our ability to be relevant to any and all North American enterprises that utilize or should utilize Structured Finance concepts and programs as part of their financing platform. In a rapidly evolving and fragmented marketplace for financial services, no firm can hope to remain at all times and in all respects at the cutting edge; seeking to be continually relevant is the winning long term strategy. It wasn’t […]

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The Right Kind Of Socialism

In our first TAO management meeting following the October 19th election, we were discussing the potential impact of the Liberal majority upon our business. One of my colleagues observed that, with the expectation of closer co-operation between the Liberals in Ottawa and Toronto, we were at least likely to be spared the payroll administration inefficiency of the recently announced Ontario Retirement Pension Plan operating independent of the existing Canada Pension Plan infrastructure. Fair enough; but before saluting this apparent “Win-Wynne”, it merits a moment to consider more thoughtfully the wisdom of this proposed expansion of our social safety net. Government […]

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