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Beware the Sinister Left

  We hear an awful lot about xenophobia these days.  It is on the rise, they say; a natural but unwelcome by-product of industrialization, globalization and growing inequality.  Unmoored from the security of local, more symbiotic communities, our natural disposition to empathy and tolerance has been supplanted by an attenuated “we-them’ view of every aspect of human interaction.  Or so the story goes. I was pondering this depressing reality as I was shovelling off my dock at the cottage a few weeks back.  (I leave my dock in with a “bubbler” that keeps the water from freezing, but the snow […]

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An Inconvenient Trump

I know what you are thinking: here we go again; another diatribe about Donald Trump’s crassness, egomania, divisiveness, xenophobia, pettiness, hair colour, hair style, marital history, bankruptcies, political fecklessness and complete unsuitability for any office let alone that of the most powerful person in the world.  What more can be said about him that hasn’t been bemoaned by every political commentator, talk show host, comedian, cab driver, office mate and random guy on the subway to whom you have had the honour and/or interminable burden of listening? The answer is nothing.  His candidacy is so patently ridiculous it is both […]

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The Right to Life and Death

The Supreme Court of Canada faced a difficult decision last month as they heard arguments for the extension of the timeframe granted to the federal government to update the provisions of the Criminal Code that prohibit doctor-assisted suicide.   If the extension request had been denied, the provisions would simply be void and, as in the case of the legal void in Canadian law with respect to abortion, such decisions would have been left to the wisdom of patients and their doctors. Some argued that such a legislative vacuum would open the door to abuses, and must accordingly be very […]

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