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The past week has been a harrowing one for everyone in North America, and obviously more so for our neighbours to the South.  Two separate and undeniably unnecessary killings of Black men by US law enforcement one day apart and the appalling retaliatory attack by a Black army veteran upon Dallas police officers that left five officers dead have exposed once again the vastness of the continuing racial divide among the world’s most prosperous and well-armed populace. There is of course no shortage of commentators in Canada who have angrily and fairly dismissed the notion that Canadians can regard this […]

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Feeling for the Pulse

I had planned to write on a completely different topic this month. It was reasonably current, and in the context of the day when it first crossed my mind, seemed arguably important. I will probably come back to it next month, or maybe the month after, and by then it might be a little less topical, but I suspect it will seem more important than it would today. There can be no doubt that the senseless slaughter of 49 people and the life-altering wounding of 53 others is the worst kind of elephant in the room. Less than 72 hours […]

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Beware the Tiger

For our earliest ancestors, the world had to have been a bewildering and dangerous place.  Of all of the awe- and fear-inspiring phenomenon that they witnessed, there must have been few that exceeded the fiery maelstrom that followed a lightning strike upon a tinder dry African savannah.  The majesty of the seemingly random violence of this natural force would have been both frightening and exhilarating to our primitive forbearers. As we know, our ancestors’ natural awe and fear were in time overcome by ingenuity, and flints replaced lightning in fire pits lined with rock to contain this seemingly magical force.  […]

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