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March 2017 As I approach the two year anniversary of this blog, I now have a portfolio of pronouncements of sufficient volume and breadth to merit a critical revisiting.  Looking back at my rants, the one that caught my eye was the second piece that I did in August of 2015 titled “Good Things Come in Threes” that extolled the virtues of the Canadian three-party political landscape as a bulwark against Trump-style populism. While the piece does give rise to a chuckle at my assertion that neither Trump nor Sanders were a real threat to gain their respective party’s nomination, […]

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February 2017 The Trump regime is under attack from “Fake News”.  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tells us so.  White House “Counsellor” Kellyanne Conway tells us so.  The holder of the most powerful office in the world tells us so.  But is it so, or is that Fake News? The internet is a great source of Fake News.  It is also rife with actual facts.  I looked up the five most shared, reacted to and/or commented upon political Fake News stories on Facebook in 2016.  They were as follows: “Obama Signs Executive Order Banning the Pledge of Allegiance in […]

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January 2017 With five days left in Barack Obama’s Presidency, everyone, including the President himself, is offering their view of what the legacy of his administration says about a man of whom so many expected so much.  But it is also true that the polarized views of that legacy say a lot about the state of a nation of which the world expects better. By far the most reviled aspect of the Obama legacy is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derisively termed “Obamacare”.  At its root, the intention and effect of Obamacare was straightforward: to provide primary care […]

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