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What I Wish She Would Say

  It is easy to be amused, appalled and disgusted by most of what Donald Trump has offered American voters in the first two US Presidential debates.  However, it is equally easy to be disappointed by the absence of substance from Hillary Clinton.  It is apparent that Hillary and her strategists feel that either no substantive answers are required to counter Trump’s incoherent perv-speak or that the format of the debates do not accommodate or reward a substantive answers.  However, among the xenophobes, Nativists, anarchists and miscreants that make up the most disquieting portion of Trump’s base lie well-meaning Americans […]

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The Invisible Green Thumb

On Tuesday of this week I attended an investor presentation by a very interesting new company that was offering equity investments to allow successful and sophisticated family farming operations to acquire additional land to scale up their operations as necessary to survive and thrive in the world of Big Agriculture.  I was interested in the concept for two reasons.  First, the company was offering units in a Fund that might make for a good diversification strategy for my personal portfolio.  But perhaps more importantly the program concept sounded like one that might well have some application to the area of […]

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August Stargazing

The August star show has once again dazzled.  We shouldn’t be surprised; it is a regular recurring event.  We always know it is coming; we get plenty of reminders, but somehow we always wind up being unexpectedly mesmerized by the spectacle of an array of never before seen stars that briefly and delightfully captivate our attention.  Especially this year, when the Perseid meteor shower placed twice the usual annual number of fireballs into the night sky, the most since the most recent outlier year of 2009. You can be forgiven if you thought I was referring to the Summer Olympics, […]

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