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January 2017 With five days left in Barack Obama’s Presidency, everyone, including the President himself, is offering their view of what the legacy of his administration says about a man of whom so many expected so much.  But it is also true that the polarized views of that legacy say a lot about the state of a nation of which the world expects better. By far the most reviled aspect of the Obama legacy is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derisively termed “Obamacare”.  At its root, the intention and effect of Obamacare was straightforward: to provide primary care […]

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PREMATURE EXCLAMATION (and other forms of Electoral Dysfunction)

Every man has been there, particularly in our youth.  In the heat of a vigorous election campaign, we get too caught up in the moment and let loose with something that it would have been better to hold onto just a little while longer.  Happily, most of our politicians in general and party leaders in particular are of an age at which it is far more often the case that the greatest electoral challenge they face lies in steeling themselves for the rigours of the campaign.  Not so with Justin Trudeau.  One of the few shortfalls (among the many benefits […]

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The Trump Who DIDN’T Steal Democracy

I am bleary-eyed as I write this blog on November 9th.  Like many around the world, I was up until 3:30 EST last night, watching with fascination the unfolding spectacle of the US Presidential election.  Although no one can claim to have confidently predicted the outcome of this historic election, there was no shortage of pundits of all political stripes that were confident that this election, however resolved, was going to discredit democratic politics and weaken even the increasingly tenuous argument that democracy was a system worthy of loyalty, adoption or respect. The vitriolic divisiveness and absence of substance so […]

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