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May 2017 We live in a time of great cynicism.  Altruism was long ago abandoned as the default assumption for the motivation behind any public or private act.  Personal gain and self-preservation reign as the presumed guiding principles for all.  The holder of the most powerful office in the world offers only the most half-hearted of policy justifications for the dismissal of a public servant leading an investigation that strikes at the very heart of the legitimacy of the office holder.  Conspiracy theorists have never been so blessed with more abundant fodder for cynicism and dismay. It is in the […]

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April 2017 After the legislative and popular failure of his forays into immigration and healthcare policy, the even more complex world of geopolitics has emerged as the favoured policy ground for Donald Trump.  Surprisingly, the un-nuanced and instinctive approach that he brings to every issue has provided him with some initial wins, both in terms of popular approval and arguable strategic merit.  The Middle East in general and Syria in particular is not a space in which any global power can hope to make lasting change by imposing a solution to any of the problematic schisms in the region.  Indeed, […]

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March 2017 As I approach the two year anniversary of this blog, I now have a portfolio of pronouncements of sufficient volume and breadth to merit a critical revisiting.  Looking back at my rants, the one that caught my eye was the second piece that I did in August of 2015 titled “Good Things Come in Threes” that extolled the virtues of the Canadian three-party political landscape as a bulwark against Trump-style populism. While the piece does give rise to a chuckle at my assertion that neither Trump nor Sanders were a real threat to gain their respective party’s nomination, […]

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