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August 2017 It goes without saying that, like any reasonable observer of politics and public spectacle, I find Donald Trump the most exasperating figure of our time.  There have been more vile and destructive political actors – Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, just to name a few – but there has never been anyone so banal and ineffective in his misguided bombast and policy actions that you find yourself more exasperated than horrified.  And there is nothing more exasperating than his ability to periodically mindlessly stumble upon nuggets of relevance that give him a thin veneer of credibility. In my […]

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July 2017 As appears to be the case for many Canadians (and perhaps most, if reported polling is to be believed), the settlement of the Charter case brought by Omar Khadr has left me deeply disappointed.  However, in my case that disappointment lies not in the substance of that settlement but in the inability and/or unwillingness of the government to acknowledge the complexities that make it so divisive. To liberals (but apparently not all Liberals), the calculus is simple: the Supreme Court has ruled that Mr. Khadr’s Charter rights were breached in Canada’s explicit endorsement of his continuing incarceration in […]

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June 2017 A much-heralded element of the federal government’s commitment to an expansion of infrastructure spending in Canada has been the announced intention to create a Canadian Infrastructure Bank (“CIB”).  It is through the CIB that the government intends to channel an initial $15 billion of public capital that is to be partnered with private capital invested by many of the world’s largest institutional investors, some of whom happen to be none other than Canadian pension funds.  These Canadian pension funds, it seems, are active investors in infrastructure globally, but have few if any comparable investments in Canada. The response […]

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