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January 2018 Before I even start into this piece, let me make one thing clear:  I do not accept the premise that Donald Trump is a “stable genius”.  I would not even accept the notion that he is an unstable genius, or any kind of genius, let alone the Machiavellian mastermind that one might infer from what I am about to argue here.  That being said, my appreciation for the niceties of deterrence theory provided by my outstanding undergraduate education at the University of Toronto compels me to take note of some very interesting dynamics that are developing in the […]

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December 2017 So let me see if I have this straight…it is a commodity made available in limited amounts by its creator.  It serves as a store of value independent of sovereign currencies and is put into circulation by miners who bring labour and resources to bear to extract it.  The amount of both resources and labour that must be deployed to extract it becomes greater as the remaining supply decreases, and it commands a trading value that is extremely volatile but that nonetheless consistently far exceeds any obvious core intrinsic value (i.e., it cannot be consumed for sustenance, used […]

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November 2017 As I was reading the weekend paper last week, I noticed a short piece summarizing the most impactful life choices that individuals could make to reduce their carbon footprint.  Intrigued by the conclusions, I tracked down the study from the Centre for Sustainability Studies in Sweden from which it was quoting.  The study, co-authored by UBC researcher Seth Wynes and Kimberley Nicholas, undertook a comprehensive review of the carbon impact of lifestyle choices made by individuals in developed countries and compared the results against the environmentally-positive choices that are most commonly advocated by high school science textbooks.  High […]

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