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For anyone who self-identifies as a radical centrist, these are trying times.  The political discourse on both social and economic issues has never been more polarized.  There can never be any nuance to any discussion of longstanding issues, no acknowledgement of the truth that, for many and even most of those issues, their endurance is testament to the fact that both sides have a point, and that resolution of these issues must be found in solutions that reflect the need to at least acknowledge if not accommodate the reasonable demands and expectations of both perspectives.  That is why it is […]

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Politics in general, and electoral politics in particular, have sadly never been a venue for frank explanations or sensible solutions for important public policy challenges.  The provincial election now underway in Ontario is certainly no exception to that rule, and no issue better captures the exasperating truth of this observation than the issue of electricity costs in Ontario. That is not to say that the three major parties are ignoring the issue.  The incumbent Liberals have already chopped 8% from the bills paid by ratepayers across the province, with another 17% to follow shortly.  And rural ratepayers are to receive […]

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The horrific bus crash that took the lives of 16 players, coaches and team personnel from a Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team has sparked a national outpouring of grief that is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon.  Since the April 6th crash, Canadian media has been filled with stories that have acquainted readers, listeners and viewers with every detail about the Humboldt Broncos team and town and the names, lives, billets and hometowns of each and every one of the deceased and several of the injured.  The public has responded with a wide variety of tributes, from the touchingly symbolic […]

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