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The Great Pause.  The Great Realisation.  Amidst the rising case counts, fatalities, isolation and eye-popping economic collapse, there are some who are finding as much future salvation as present desolation in our pandemic-induced trauma. And some available metadata might agree with them.  I am not a creature of social media of any sort, so I never expect to see much of the data gathered from it let alone be among those whose data has been mined for fun or profit.  Except for one thing.  I do wear a Fitbit religiously, and it tracks my steps, my activity, my heart rate […]

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On Monday March 16th, just after 4 am, I received a call from the high-care seniors’ residence where my 91 year old father was living letting me know that he had died.  I had last seen him on the previous Friday.  He had been struggling with physical and cognitive challenges that had been tentatively diagnosed two years earlier as Lewy Body Dementia, and during my visit he was very tired and at a low level of awareness of me and his surroundings.  He had his teeth cleaned by the visiting hygienist, and I gave him a shave with his electric […]

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Whenever you find yourself in a crowd running for your life, it is always a good idea to take a moment to sneak a peak over your shoulder and take stock of exactly what you are running from.  Now, there can be some risk to that.  Someone might get the drop on you on that last jumbo pack of toilet paper or case of Purell, but you might gain some perspective that keeps you from running yourself into a wall or a heart attack. So let’s look at what we are all running from today: the Covid-19 virus.  It’s a […]

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