Our Primary Mission and Goals

"Helping return investor trust and confidence back into securitization markets, locally and globally"


TAO is focused on playing a major role in the restarting of the non bank securitization market. TAO invested a considerable amount of time and capital into the creation of robust, new securitization structures that fit current investor demands for greater transparency, better alignment of interests and sound structuring. Furthermore TAO Asset has nurtured relationships with junior investors who are integral to the success of this paradigm in securitization markets.

Many are seeking to fix a market that is widely acknowledged as broken. TAO Asset’s goal is to become part of the solution by developing and implementing new structural models and practices that set a higher standard of investor trust and confidence.

TAO’s founding partners, Ken Toten, John Abraham and Albert Ottoni each possess over 25 years of experience in the Canadian structured finance and asset securitization fields, having each held various senior level positions in several Canadian and American investment banking firms and federally regulated financial institutions.


Our primary thrust is to use sound credit innovations and asset-based structured finance techniques to create resilient, transparent and prudent financial products with superior risk-return relative value.  We back this up by investing our own capital in all our structures.

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