Why TAO Asset Management


We strive to maintain and enhance our base of highly talented professionals, and pride ourselves on being able to offer clients more senior-level attention than may be available from many of our competitors.


We are an independent firm, free of many of the conflicts that can arise at larger financial institutions as a result of their varied sales, trading, underwriting, research and lending activities.


Our people are united by a desire to be a part of a dynamic and independent firm, in which their activities are at the core of who we are; driven by a commitment to excellence and integrity in all our activities.

What we offer

We are focused on our primary businesses – Financial Advisory and Asset Management – rather than on a broad range of financial services. We believe this focus has helped, and will continue to help, us attract clients and recruit professionals who want to work in a firm where these activities are the central focus.

  • Joint ventures and Income funds
  • Transaction structuring and restructuring
  • Financial modelling, cash flow analysis and underwriting
  • Portfolio risk management, credit monitoring and due diligence
  • Identification of pricing dislocations and optimization
  • Asset pool purchases and dispositions
  • Gap management and hedging
  • Market valuations and price discovery

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